We are excited to witness the Archdiocese of St. Louis’ educational mission come to life at St. Louis the King School at the Cathedral. Our goal is to grow successful children through a quality, Catholic education. Our dedicated faculty is focused on meeting each child where he or she is − and working together to move them forward. As a community, we will celebrate our similarities and differences as we achieve academic success.

The King's Corner - Fall 2016 Edition

The King's Corner - Fall 2016 Edition

"Give a joyful shout” describes the atmosphere as we begin our new school year at St. Louis the King School. Over the summer, due to wonderful volunteers, we renovated the library. To accommodate our learning needs and to have classrooms near each other, we moved the library from the second floor to the first floor. The new library was fully renovated with inviting colors, new shelving, a young children’s area with a Dr. Seuss area rug and table and chairs that would fit Goldilocks and the little Bear. The former classroom is now a space that everyone wants to come in and read awhile.

Please help us spread the word to families and friends about the great school St. Louis the King is! We welcomed new parents and students at almost every grade level. We also welcomed several new faculty and staff members. St. Louis the King is fortunate to have a Learning Consultant on staff to assist with the educational and differentiated learning needs of our students. Mrs. Erin Gunn is our new Learning Consultant this school year. We also welcomed our new kindergarten teacher, Ms. Bridget Cusick; Mrs. Samone Smith, who is teaching first grade; Mr. Kevin Holley, our new eighth grade teacher; and our new PE teacher, Mr. Scott Riggs.

We are excited for this new school year and the blessings it will bring. I encourage you to visit when you can or join us for our Wednesday morning mass at 9:00 a.m. in the Cathedral. We begin with renewal of spirit as we make a concentrated effort to live virtue, making each year better than the last.

Happy 2016-17,
Cyndi Hasten

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