St. Louis the King School at the Cathedral is a Catholic elementary school concerned with and committed to Catholic values and teachings as they are reflected in the Gospel. Children of all faiths and economic, racial and social backgrounds are welcome at St. Louis the King School where they are affirmed and where they share in the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. St. Louis the King School strives to promote a sense of security, a healthy moral life, and an informed conscience. It encourages a respect for the dignity of the human person by instilling the virtues of charity, peace and justice in the total St. Louis the King School experience. Spiritual, moral, emotional, aesthetic, physical and intellectual grown are integrated and fostered here.

St. Louis the King School at the Cathedral is fully aware if its responsibility that each child receives a quality Catholic education where the needs of the individual child are met and where each child can reach his/her full potential. The faculty strives to nurture personal Christian growth in attitudes, knowledge, and skills. St. Louis the King School appreciates the importance of cultural awareness in teaching and celebration of the Catholic faith. The school also recognizes the integral role of the parent as primary educator in partnership with the school.

We encourage each student to fully participate in the educational program by teaching and nurturing the values of personal gifts and talents, personal responsibility, academic self-motivation and service to others. These are accomplished within a positive student-centered environment. Through a bond of respect and trust, we encourage our students to always be their best and develop their full potential.

Our goal is to prepare the students for the future so that they will respond to the needs of society and be successful in their continuing education. St. Louis the King School at the Cathedral prepares each student to live the Gospel, model Christ, and be of service to others.